Why Enhance Your Company Profile?

How important is the information listed on your Kompass profile?  Very.

Your profile is the first thing visible to potential new customers searching for your products.  And as everyone knows, first impressions count.

With more than four million searches performed online every minute, the effective control and display of company information is a strategic marketing issue for all companies.  That’s why it’s important that you have the best and most current information available to users looking at your profile.

Who is looking at your profile?  Basically, anyone who uses our database for anything as a conventional business information directory, down to returning visitors that have been directed to the Kompass website via search engines.  Kompass customers can be found by global users loyal to the Kompass brand from any international portal, therefore helping to attract overseas prospects.  With 5 million visits to Kompass per month (80% of those being returning visitors), 130 million pages viewed annually, and for UK visits 20% of those visitors coming from overseas –isn’t it worth having a stellar profile when you’re business is getting that kind of exposure?

Our advertising packages have been designed to enhance your company profile, but with over 10 million companies worldwide using Kompass, what can you do to make your profile stand out from the crowd?

As always, content is key.  The more complete your profile is, the more your profile will be likely to be viewed.  Always include a company logo, and select key phrases to make it easier for users to find you in a crowded marketplace.  Try to include as much unique content as you can so you can stand out amongst your competition—and by unique, that means current news and content, not just company information copy and pasted from your website.  If you can, try to include a video, product posts, or an informative brochure about your company or product.  Remember: Current content is essential to drive SEO and to make it easier for prospects to contact you.

Some examples of cases where updated profiles have produced good results (relative to the time period when the information was updated) are:



Advertising with Kompass gives you a powerful opportunity to increase your company’s global online presence—so why not do everything you can to enhance your business’s visibility?



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