Take Note with EasyBusiness

A great feature on our EasyBusiness database is the “Notes” option.  It enables you to plan, follow up & share conversations or comments with your colleagues, about companies or contacts listed on EasyBusiness.

For example, you may have searched for a number of relevant companies that you’d like to make contact with at a later date. Or perhaps you’ve had a conversation with a prospect, that needs to be followed up by more than one person.  Similarly maybe there is a group of companies that you would like to isolate for some reason, perhaps to exclude them from a particular search.

To add a “Note” to any company listed on EasyBusiness, simply click to view their company profile, then click on My notes and type in your comments…

e.g. Interesting prospect, possible budget available – follow up May 2016

…your note will be saved and attributed to you personally as an EasyBusiness user.

Subsequently you or any of your colleagues, who have access to your EasyBusiness account, can then search for companies who have notes, using the My Data filter, in three different ways:

  • Notes available
  • Notes content search (keyword)
  • Notes date search (on, between, before or after)

The companies that include a note, matching your search and added by any user on your EasyBusiness account, can then be viewed as a list. Simply click to open the relevant company profile and you can then view, update, append or remove the note as required.

Making full use of this invaluable tool will help to ensure you benefit from flexible management of your lead generation, in both a simple and straightforward way.

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