Funding No Barrier To Powder Quality or Process Optimisation


For companies seeking to improve product quality control, process design or optimisation or wishing to undertake new materials development, the Hosokawa Powder Characteristics Tester PT-X is a ‘must have’ piece of laboratory equipment that is now a ‘can have’ essential; thanks to Hosokawa’s no deposit, fixed payment funding option.

The Hosokawa Powder Characteristics Tester can determine 10 separate powder characteristics essential for high specification powder production and design of powder handling and processing systems. Examples of popular use include, accurate determination of
flowability which would effect mixing speeds and an understanding of the critical discharge flow to prevent product bridging on discharge from a vessel or the influence of moisture content on flowability.

The easy to use PT-X features clear visual displays, speedy analysis time with minimal operator intervention and high levels of test accuracy and repeatability.

Hosokawa’s new, help-to-buy funding gives manufacturers immediate access to the benefits of product and process improvement that can
deliver speedy pay back potential and opportunities for business growth, development or diversity.

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