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Vapormatt, one of the worlds leading wet blast companies, has a range of surface finishing applications that are very well suited to a number of industries.
By mixing abrasive with water and a pre determined air pressure our wet blasting machines can easily be used for: deburring, polishing, degreasing and general cleaning of products ranging from aerospace parts, such as turbine blades and wheels, to the automotive and Motorsport industries; where wet and vapour blasting can be used on engines, frames or brake callipers.
By cleaning with blasting it is possible to achieve a quicker process that is easily automated and, with self-contained machines the Vapormatt process is very environmentally friendly. The introduction of water also makes wet blasting far less invasive than dry blasting that use both shot and abrasive media.s in their cleaning processes. By buffering the abrasive particles in a liquid film it is far easier to control the process and reduce the damage that the abrasive particles can potentially do to a components critical surfaces.
It is the controlled and precise nature of the Vapormatt wet blast process that has made it a popular application in industries such as medical where: catheters, replacement joints, dental tools and measuring devices can be left extremely clean whilst remaining their original shape. This accuracy is also of great benefit to tooling companies where the Vapormatt can offer an edge honing process with wet blasting. By using an abrasive media to prepare the surface for PVD or CVD coating; edge radii of up to 100 microns can be achieved. The wet blast process makes carbide inserts and round shank tools very reactive, allowing a PVD or CVD coat to last far longer.
Vapormatt designs its own wet blasting machines to be very durable so that they can withstand the abrasive and wet conditions that are essential for the surface finishing process. This durability has made Vapormatt wet blasting machines a favourite among aluminium extruders where die shop managers are able to use wet blasting, as an alternative to dry blasting, to speed up the cleaning and polishing of extrusions dies after their caustic rinse. The process provides a very uniform and consistent cleaning action that reduces die inspection time.
Lasting blasting machines can also be very helpful for the decontamination of products that have been in a reactive environment. Wet blasting in a Vapormatt machine allows companies in the nuclear industry to quickly process and, more importantly, contain the risk of contamination by using the Vapormatt wet blast process.
Vapormatt also caters for those companies looking for finishing services and by offering a sub contract cleaning service customers can outsource their surface finishing requirements whilst having access to the knowledge and expertise of Vapormatt. At our contract process centres customers have access to deburring, polishing, honing, degreasing, cleaning, phosphating, chemical blacking services.
Automotive, Maintenance, Nuclear Decontamination, Wire Cleaning, Composite Preparation, Aerospace.

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