Ultra-Violet Products Ltd

Unit 1 Trinity Hall Farm Estate
Nuffield Road
CB4 1TG Cambridge
United Kingdom

Ultra-Violet Products Ltd - - Company Summary

Leading the way with innovative solutions for laboratory and industrial sciences.
Ultra-Violet Products (UVP), an Analytik Jena company, is one of the most established manufacturers of ultraviolet industrial equipment selling all over the world.
UVP's extensive product range includes ultraviolet crack detection systems, ultraviolet leak detections systems, ultraviolet (fluorescent examination) equipment & non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment or systems. Ultra-Violet Products also provide a wide range of ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet radiometers and general laboratory equipment.
Customers can buy directly from Ultra-Violet Products or through its distributors and agents. An express radiometer calibration service for ultraviolet and white light measurement equipment is also available.
For a full list of our distributors, please see our website: www.uvp.com
Key words: Ultraviolet Imaging

Key phrases: Ultraviolet imaging

General Information

  • Registration no


  • Type of company


  • Fax

    +44 1223 420561

  • Website



  • Blak-ray

    UV lamps - long wave

  • Chromato-vue

    UV viewing cabinets

  • Memorase

    eprom erasors

  • Mineralight

    short wave ultra violet lamps

  • Pen-ray (U.S.A.)

    UV sources


2 products


  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    10-19  Employees


  • 2009

    2,000,000 GBP

  • 2014

    2 to 5 million GBP

Financial ratios

  • Turnover


  • B. Sundberg

    General Manager

  • D. Wilderspin


  • J. Hann

    Sales Manager

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