UK Industrial Knife Ltd

P.O. Box 597
S40 9EG
United Kingdom

- Company Summary

We can supply the highest quality knives, that is not in question, but our remit is to supply the product that will result in the most economical cost/benefit for our customers, but and most importantly, we understand that there is no saving that will outweigh not having the knife when you need it, and if you have been buying from the Machine Knife industry for a while, you will probably have experienced the frustrations that the majority of its customers feel. In summary, our intention is to supply the ideal product, consistently on time, tailored to your needs.

General Information

  • Type of company

    Head Office

  • Fax

    +44 870 135 5343


Financial ratios

  • Shareholders



  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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