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For Namebadges, Medals & Medallions, Insignia & Regalia, Pin badges and corporate jewellery (Cufflinks etc) - made to your specification to ISO9001.   The London Sales office of Thomas Fattorini Ltd established Artist Craftsmen since 1827. Specialising in the design and manufacture of the following:   PLASTIC NAME BADGES. We manufacture bespoke corporate name badges which are designed, moulded, printed and finished to your precise requirements We offer name badges that you can name yourself and re-use, or we can permanently name for you. These are also known as window badges. We also offer ex-stock plastic name badges and acetate conference badges also known as Nameholders. These are available in various sizes.   CIVIC INSIGNIA & NATIONAL AWARDS National awards, decorations and honours Civic gifts and silverware, maces, ceremonial scrolls and parchments, silver caskets, maces, freedom keys objets d'art.   CORPORATE JEWELLERY & GIFTS Corporate Jewellery, such as cufflinks, long service awards, tie pins, tie slides, brooches. Also in precious metals and precious stones. Charity Pin and button badges, vitreous enamel badges. Uniform Accessories such as earrings, buttons, cufflinks, belt buckles   TROPHIES To include sports trophies and Sports belts. Also glass & acrylic awards, metal plaques, wooden shields. These are made to order.   CEREMONIAL SWORDS Ceremonial swords standard British patterns or we can make a sword specifically for you.   MEDALS These can be in traditional such as Portrait and Art commemorative medals or made to hang off a ribbon, such as military or campaign medals   We export to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australasia and North America and Canada   Key Words: Medallists, Portrait or Commemorative Medals, Military Medals, Medals on Ribbons, Coins & Tokens.

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Year Established: 1950

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