Thomas Fattorini (Insignia, Medals, Trophies, Swords)

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Medallists, Trophymakers, Silversmiths, makers of Awards and National Honours, Corporate Jewellery, Uniform Accessories & Industrial Product badges - made to order for you.
Thomas Fattorini Ltd, established in 1827 have two dedicated factories in the UK. The Birmingham factory specialises in metal goods and the factory in Manchester specialises in plastic name badges & injection moulding. There is also a Sales Office in London serving the city and the surrounding region. The company is accredited to ISO9001 from design to manufacture. Our products include:
National awards & honours such as CBE, OBE, MBE, campaign medals, orders & decorations, National Honours, badge of state, ribbon bars, buttons, sashes, epaulettes.
Chalice, salvers, communion sets, long-service awards & recognition, regimental silver, mess silver, table centre pieces, silver salvers, statuettes & statues, models, sculptures, cups, objets d'art.
Civic jewels such as regalia, maces, freedom scrolls, civic insignia, maces, wands, ceremonial rods & staffs, past president pendant, Mayoral chain, civic chains, badge of office, past-mayor pendant, officers, councillor badge, civic medallion - for towns, cities, parishes, boroughs, and business association.
Namebadges, belts, belt buckles, cufflinks, dress studs, long service awards, rings, earrings, tie pins, tie-slides, tie clips, buttons, cap badges, epaulettes membership, college rings, flag badges, leather wallets. For airlines, railways, hotels, sports, leisure centres, hospitals, retail stores, bank, school, university, clubs, and governments.
Corporate Jewellery, such as cufflinks, long service awards, tie pins, tie slides, brooches - in precious metals and precious stones. Charity Pin and button badges, vitreous enamel badges, Promotional Items, corporate gifts with logos & emblems : shopping trolley tokens, key chains, key fobs, key rings, incentives & rewards, advertising & promotional gifts.
Medal makers of Art and commemorative medals, medallions, Medal on Ribbons, Military Medals, Portrait Medals. Also tokens, sports locker & trolley tokens, coins.
Ceremonial swords for presentation, graduation, of standard pattern armed forces parade swords including Infantry, Royal Naval Officers', Airforce (RAF), and bespoke swords. Also Knives and letter openers, sword knots.
Designers & makers of bespoke trophies : acrylic awards, glass trophy, pewter, steel, brass, plastic, wood, precious metal, boxing belts, etched plaques and signs, wooden shields, presentation plaques, sports awards, TV shows - made to order.
Industrial product badges to include cooker badges, furniture badges, car, automotive and other vehicle badges, beer pump clips, tread plates, product enhancement and prototypes. Point of sale.
We export to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australasia and North America and Canada

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    100-249 Employees


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    10,000,000 GBP

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  • G.T. Fattorini

    Managing Director

  • T.R. Fattorini

    Sales Director

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