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Thermax Europe Ltd, the 100% subsidiary of Thermax Ltd, India is responsible for the Absorption chiller business in Europe. The company offers chillers and Heat pumps using Lithium Bromide-Water Absorption (sometimes misspelt as Absorbtion) Technology. The range of chillers( absorbers) available are from 70kw to 12,000kw. The chillers can be driven by heat generated by a cogeneration (CHP plants) or a block heating plants. The absorption chillers can be fired directly by the exhaust gases from the gas engine of the co-generator (CHP) or by converting the exhaust gas heat into hot water or steam and then using it in the chiller.
The technology has also found use in district heating and cooling plants. It can be used as heat pump to extract low grade heat from geothermal sources, condensation and heat recovery from the flue gases or large wood drying ovens and pumping it into the high grade heat, generated by the waste incineration or cogeneration exhaust gases. It can also be used to work as chiller in the district cooling network.
The absorbers are manufactured in the company's plants located in China and India, and are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and ISO 18000 certificates. The manufacturing plants have extensive facilities for sophisticated processes conforming to international standards. The chillers/Heat pumps are CE/ASME/PED/ETL certified.
Apart from the above two applications, the absorption chillers can also be driven by heat generated by fuel cell, biomass boiler, Solar vacuum collectors or any other source that can generate heat as a byproducts.
The chillers can generate chilled water as low as 3.0 Deg C (depending upon the driving heat source) and can be applied to comfort cooling as well as industrial applications.
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