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Silvaperl now offers a range of expanded clays to suit many applications for the agricultural, horticultural & landscaping markets.
Expanded Clay, Optiroc, Arlita or Hydroleca Ex-Clay are a lightweight aggregate manufactured from special clays, expanded in rotary kilns at a temperature of 1150 deg.C transforming the clay into ceramic granules with a honeycomb core, brown in colour supplied principally in 6 different grades packed in 50 litre bags, 1.2 m3 or bulk tippers.
The range of clays available comply to BS3797 Part 2 1990 (including all appropriate European standards for lightweight aggregates).
Applications: landscaping & horticulture; sports fields & golf courses, agriculture, filter drains in highways, drainage blankets on landfill sites, indoor & outdoor planting, flat roof landscaping, hydroponics, embankments & slopes, trenches, settlement & control, earth pressure reduction, frost protection, lightweight insulating concrete, pipe insulation, roads & pavements.
Graded industrial Perlite - non combustible, ultra lightweight mineral aggregate - with excellent insulation & absorption properties.
V4 Vermiculite - V4 from Silvaperl is a lightweight aggregate that can be used in a multitude of construction applications due to its unique properties - insulation without irritation, fibre free, non irritant, environmentally friendly, easy to use, non combustible, easy to mix, no cutting, tearing or waste.
Silverperl coated Perlite for cavity fill

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Year Established: 2002

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Registration no : 04436927

Type of company : Headquarters


  • Hydroleca
  • Silvalite
  • Silvalite - expander perlite, Vermalite - exfoliated vermiculite, Hydroleca - expanded clay, Silverslag - slag coagulare
  • Silverslag
  • Vermalite

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  • Asia-Pacific
  • Central Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Central/East Europe
  • Western Europe
  • North America
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2009 : 5 to 10 million GBP
2010 : 5 to 10 million GBP
2011 : 5 to 10 million GBP

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