Reznor UK

Park Farm Road
Park Farm Industrial Estate
CT19 5DR
United Kingdom

Reznor UK - - Company Summary

Reznor is the UK's leading supplier of gas fired warm air heating and ventilation systems to the industrial and commercial building markets.
The quality of Reznor warm air heating solutions is unparalleled in terms of performance and value for money.
Reznor warm air heating solutions are applied across numerous sectors of industry and commerce. Typical warm air heating applications include, retail heating, warehouse heating, automotive showroom heating, sports hall heating and industrial heating i.e. production areas.
Increasingly end user customers are understandably concerned with energy efficiencies both from a financial and an environmental perspective. The Reznor range of warm air heating solutions effectively satisfies these two key requirements. Over 250 Reznor warm air heating products across the range are now included on the Governments Energy Technology Listing (ECA).

General Information

  • Year established


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  • Type of company


  • Fax

    +44 1303 850002

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  • Ecco 5000

    gas fired unit heaters

  • Enviropak

    Gas Fired Heating, Ventilation & Cooling Units

  • Euro C

    gas fired unit heaters

  • Euro T

    gas fired unit heaters

  • Euro X

    gas fired unit heaters

  • LCSA

    gas fired unit heaters

  • Novojet

    gas fired unit heaters

  • RAR

    overhead tubular radiant heaters

  • RHC

    gas fired unit heaters

  • RPVE

    gas fired unit heaters

  • Reznor.

  • Smartcom


  • Thermocool

    gas fired unit heaters

  • UCA

    gas fired unit heaters

  • UESA

    Condensing Gas Fired Unit Heaters

  • UPA

    gas fired unit heaters

  • V3

    gas fired unit heaters

  • Vision

    overhead tubular radiant heaters



  • On site

    Not declared 

  • Company

    20-49 Employees


  • 2014

    5 to 10 million GBP

  • 2013

    5 to 10 million GBP

  • 2012

    5 to 10 million GBP

  • 2011

    10 to 20 million GBP

Financial ratios

  • Turnover
  • Operating income


  • Joe Kiernan

    Engineering Product Manager

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  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider

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