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Panelcraft Access Panels pioneered the concept of manufacturing access panels that were not only functional, but aesthetic in design by blending in with the surrounding surface. The advent of drylining saw the use of using stud partition cavities in walls and ceilings to carry services expand rapidly. Access to these concealed controls and services are a vital and fundamental part of the architectural design process. Overlooked or underestimated access problems can prove highly disruptive should they need to be addressed at a later stage of construction. Panelcraft have invented new solutions and improved old designs to cope with the demands of modern building methods. By working closely with architects and designers we can provide the most appropriate solutions for your building. Research and development is constantly taking place to improve designs, offer new products suited to new methods of construction and improve our ability to offer higher specifications - part
Trade Names: Discpan - circular access panels; Slimpan - space critical access panels; Tilepan - access panel that can be tiled; Loftpan - access to loft space, loft hatch; Plasticpan - pop out plumbing access cover; Firepan - fire rated access panels; Tradpan - access panels; Firepan Magna - double door fireproof access panels; Plastapan - access doors with plasterboard finish; Gascheck - gas safety inspection to GasSafe Regs; Gas Warden - gas safety inspection to GasSafe Regs; Gas Sentry - gas safety inspection to GasSafe Regs
Key Words: Gas Safety Inspection Panels, Fire Rated / Non Fire Rated Access Panels

Key phrases: Gas Safety Inspection Panels

Key phrases: Fire Rated / Non Fire Rated Access Panels

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  • Firepan Magna
  • Gas Sentry
  • Gas Warden
  • Gascheck
  • Loftpan
  • Plastapan
  • Plasticpan
  • Slimpan
  • Tilepan
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