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Linak A/S, Denmark. LINAK is a world leader in electric linear actuation, developing electric linear actuators, actuator control systems, and lifting columns that are used in many applications, from height adjustable desks to hospital beds to replacing hydraulics and pneumatics on bespoke machinery. We provide innovative actuation solutions that improve people's quality of life and working environment. LINAK is an international company, founded on a simple principle - electric linear actuation. Partnership Multilevel cooperation with our customers is extremely important, for the benefit of both LINAK and the customer. Partnership is the driving force behind R&D, after-sales, logistics, manufacturing and marketing. Values The results LINAK has achieved throughout the years are based on a set of values, which make us unique and define what we stand for. The values are: Customer orientation, Creativity, The will to change, Loyalty, Openness and honesty, Enthusiasm and individual efficiency & Job satisfaction and helpfulness. Medical, Furniture, Rehabilitation, Industrial Electric linear actuation Actuator control systems Medical Furniture Power supplies linear Hydraulic & oil oil hydraulic equipment

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Year Established: 1990

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Registration no : 02483800

Type of company : Headquarters



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From 20 to 49
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From 500 to 999


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LINAK UK provides : P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service

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P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service


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Graham Fellows

Holder of Procuration

J. T.

Operations Controller (Production Manager)

L. A.

Sales Manager (Industry)

M. B.

Hospital & Care

M. P.

Managing Director (Managing Director / Director)

A. S.

Desking & Furniture

G. F.

Financial Controller (Finance Manager)


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