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Part of the Lhoist Group, the experience and expertise within the company ensures that Lhoist UK products and services deliver customers needs.
Lhoist UK produces the purest lime available in the UK and delivers high quality lime based products to both UK and international customers.
Lhoist UK produce a range of lime based products to provide sustainable solutions to industry. Lhoist UK produce Neutralac SLS45 which is the safe alternative to caustic soda liquor.
Tradical Hydrated Lime, Quick Lime, Milk of Lime, Neutralac, Proviacal, Sorbacal, Sanisblanc

Key phrases: Caustic Soda Liquor, Tradical

Key phrases: Hydrated Lime

Key phrases: Quick Lime

Key phrases: Neutralac, Proviacal, Sorbacal, Sanisblanc

General Information


  • Neutralac ® 

    lime for effluent treatment

  • Proviacal ® 

    lime for civil engineering

  • Saniblanc D 


  • Sorbacal ® 

    lime for gas treatment

  • Tradical ® 

    lime for building


2 products


  • Lhoist Group


Area : Asia-Pacific, Western Europe



  • On site

  • Company

    50-99 Employees


  • 2014

    Over 1000 million GBP

  • 2011

    26,000,000 GBP

  • 2010

    22,000,000 GBP

  • 2009

    19,000,000 GBP

Financial ratios

  • Turnover
  • Operating income


  • Mr. S Baker


  • Mr. G. Watkins

    Sales Manager

  • Mr. D Patigny

    General Manager

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