Imperial Tobacco (Incorporating W.D. & H.O. Wills, John Player & Sons and Ogdens)

Upton Road

BS99 1QZ Bristol , United Kingdom

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Henri Wintermans Cigar range in the UK.
Marlboro cigarette range in the UK and Ireland.
Raffles and Chesterfield cigarette range in the UK.
A Subsidiary Company of Imperial Tobacco Group PLC, (Bristol) managing all the tobacco interests of the group.

General Information

Year Established: 1984

www :

Registration no : 01860181

Type of company : Headquarters



  • Capstan Full Strength
  • Capstan Ready Rubbed
  • Castella Panatella
  • Classic
  • Davidoff
  • Davidoff Gold
  • Drum
  • Drum Gold
  • Embassy Blue
  • Embassy Filter
  • Embassy Number 1
  • Gold Block
  • Gold Leaf Concept
  • Golden Virginia
  • Hedges L260
  • J & H Wilson SP No 1
  • J & H Wilson Top Mill No 1
  • J & H Wilsons Medicated No 99
  • Job
  • John Player Special King Size
  • John Player Special White
  • King Edward Coronets
  • King Edwards Crowns
  • Lambert & Butler Gold
  • Lambert & Butler King Size
  • Lambert & Butler Menthol
  • Lambert & Butler White
  • Panama
  • Players Navy Cut
  • Players Navy Cut Flake
  • Regal Filter
  • Regal King Size
  • Richmond King Size
  • Richmond King Size Menthol
  • Richmond Smooth King Size
  • Richmond Superkings
  • Richmond Superkings Menthol
  • Richmond Superkings Smooth
  • Rizla
  • Rizla King Size
  • Rizla Regular
  • Small Classic
  • Small Classic Filter
  • St. Bruno Flake
  • St. Bruno Ready Rubbed
  • Superkings
  • Superkings Blue
  • Superkings Menthol
  • Superkings White
  • Three Nuns
  • Walnut Flake
  • Whiskey Ready Rubbed
  • Woodbine


On site
More than 5000
Total group


Financial ratios


Operating income


T Williams

Deputy Company Secretary

G. B.

Global Sales and Marketing Director

G. D.


F. R.

Corporate Affairs Director

G. G.

Global Marketing Director, Cigarette & Other Tobacco Product

R. D.

Finance Director

K. H.

Special Projects Director

D. C.

Manufacturing Director

J. H.

Group Compliance Manager

P. H.

General Manager, Materials Purchasing

J. S.

Head of Group Corporate Communications

K. B.

Group HR Director

P. G.

Operations Director - European Union and Accession Countries

J. J.

Group Treasurer

A. C.

Director of Finance & Planning

J. T.

Manufacturing Planning Director

M. C.

Regional Director - Western Europe

C. H.

Purchasing Manager

M. P.

Company Secretary


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