Hydratron Ltd

Unit A1

Stuart Road, Broadheath

WA14 5GJ Altrincham , United Kingdom

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Hydratron specialises in the design and manufacture of high pressure equipment.
Our product range includes hand, air, electric and petrol driven liquid pumps, for pressure testing, chemical injection and hydraulic power; air driven gas boosters, for pressure testing, with nitrogen, helium or air, or for pre charging accumulators and other applications requiring high pressure gas; valve test benches, designed to test safety, ball, gate, butterfly and other types of valves; hydraulic control panels for operating subsea valve actuators and other wellhead control equipment used in the oil and gas industry; hose test rigs for proof, burst and impulse testing hoses; high pressure hydraulic flushing rigs capable of flushing installations to Nas Class 6; and a comprehensive range of high pressure fittings and hydrostatic test manifolds suitable for working at pressures up to 2,000 Bar.
Our range of products include pressure test equipment, valve test rigs, gas boosters, high pressure fittings, high pressure autoclave adapters, valve test benches, hose testing rigs, hydrostatic testing pumps, helium gas boosters, high pressure hydraulic fittings, hydraulic piston pumps, pressure testing pumps, high pressure water pumps, high pressure test equipment, JIC high pressure autoclave adapters, pressure regulators, gasoline driven pumps, manual pumps, high pressure systems, high pressure plunger pumps, hydrostatic test equipment, high pressure pumps, pneumatic pumps, hydraulic power pack design, pressure testing rigs, hydraulic flushing rigs etc.
All products are manufactured under the strict control of our QA procedures which meet the requirements of BS.EN.ISO.9001:2000
Sites in Brisbane Australia (www.hydratron.co.au) and Houston USA (www.hydratron.com) dealing with all of the above including assembly and sales etc.

General Information

Year Established: 1981

www : http://www.hydratron.co.uk

Registration no : 01548328

Type of company : Headquarters



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  • Asia-Pacific
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From 50 to 99
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2012 : 2 to 5 million GBP
2013 : 2 to 5 million GBP

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