Grass Concrete Ltd

Duncan House

142 Thornes Lane, Thornes

WF2 7RE Wakefield , United Kingdom

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Grass Concrete Limited is a UK based company dedicated to the promotion of Environmental Solutions to construction problems. Grass Concrete Limited is a UK based company dedicated to the development of sustainable, environmental solutions to construction problems. In addition to a range of paving and earth retaining wall solutions it is recognised as the pioneer of the Grasscrete paving system. Grasscrete like many other grass paviors offers a natural green appearance and self-draining structure, it stands alone with its performance levels. Grasscrete is not a pre-cast block but a cast on site system that combines with reinforced concrete to give a unique engineered performance to withstand either heavy traffic or fast flowing water. Using a lightweight plastic former mould, shipment is an easy and cost effective process. To service customer requirements Grass Concrete Limited has a growing network of International Licensees to which they are looking to add new partners to extend this coverage. Plastic paving Porous paving Green roof Grass paving Permeable paving

General Information

Year Established: 1970

www :

Registration no : 00987037

Type of company : Headquarters


  • Betoatlas
  • Betoconcept
  • Betoflor
  • Betojard
  • Betonap
  • Betotitan
  • Binwall
  • Grassblock
  • Grasscrete
  • Grasskerb
  • Grassroad
  • Grassroof
  • Leromur



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  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Central/East Europe
  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • Worldwide


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Main activities

Grass Concrete Ltd provides : P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service

Secondary activities

P = Producer , D = Distributor, S = Service


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R.E. Howden FRSA

Managing Director (Managing Director / Director)

J. R.

Sales Manager (Sales Manager)

S. S.

Accounts Manager (General Manager / Manager)


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