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WA15 8HJ Altrincham , United Kingdom

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Manufacturers of a wide range of anti vibration mounts, machine levelling mounts, rubber metal products and machine foundation isolators. Farrat offers economic and effective solutions to problems in field of Machine Installation, Shock and Vibration Isolation. Products include: Squaregrip, NBR, Vidam, ISOLAY and ISOMAT anti vibration materials; Levelling and anti vibration machine mounts: Jackmounts JSM, JCM and JRM, MF, LF and ISOMOUNTS. Anti vibration/vibration isolation mounts: Rubber Metal Isolators, SLM air springs, Spring Mounts SM, FS Heavy duty spring damper units, Screw driven wedge levelling machine mounts: Wedgemounts, Levelling Elements LE and Levalators. Farrat has a wide experience in providing materials for active and passive shock and vibration isolation of foundations for a wide range of machinery. Correct machine mounting can significantly improve machine performance and reduce installation and maintenance costs.

General Information

Year Established: 1959

www : http://www.farrat.com

Registration no : 635283

Type of company : Headquarters



  • Cornerfoot/Sidefoot
  • Cornerfoot/Sidefoot - Far-mat - HM Hamamat - Isolevel - Isomat - Isomount - Jackmount - Levalator - Squaregrip - Vidam - Wedgemount ,
  • Far-Mat
  • H M Hamamat
  • Isolevel
  • Isomat
  • Isomount
  • Jackmount
  • Levalator
  • Squaregrip
  • Vidam
  • Wedgemount

Import / export areas

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  • Asia-Pacific
  • Central Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Central/East Europe
  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America


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Andrew Farrell

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