Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) Ltd

Eros House

Calleva Park, Aldermaston

RG7 8LN Reading , United Kingdom

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DC Motors
EMS is exclusive distributor in the UK for The Faulhaber Group, including Minimotor, Precistep, Micro Precision Systems and Piezomotor. In addition they exclusively distribute on behalf of Nidec Motors & Actuators, Nidec Servo and Kahlig.
Linear Actuation
EMS is specialist distributor in the UK for SKF (formally Magnetic) linear actuation systems and Mingardi actuators, operating extensively in the medical/healthcare and building automation markets respectively.
Access Control
EMS distribute a high quality range of vehicle and pedestrian access control equipment from Magnetic AutoControl GmbH. Including barriers up to 10m, pivot and swing gates and turnstiles.
in 1985 EMS provide the most diverse range of small drive technologies (micro-watts to 250 watts) on the market. Specialising in precision miniature motors starting from just 1.9mm diameter and offering a huge range of brushed, brushless, stepper, linear and Piezo motors, together with associated gearboxes, encoders and drive electronics, controlled movements down to one Nanometre can be achieved. Precision miniature bearings, ballscrews and lead-screws which can be supplied individually or integrated within the motor add even more diversity and opportunity to the design engineer.
Where proprietary parts do not suit the application EMS offer a bespoke design, development and manufacturing service from their 2400m² facility in the UK.
Brushed and Brushless DC motors, stepper motors, linear actuators and bespoke complete drive solutions.
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General Information

www : http://www.ems-limited.co.uk

Registration no : 01902502

Type of company : Headquarters



  • Faulhaber
  • Kahlig
  • MPS
  • Magnetic AutoControl
  • Mingardi
  • Minimotor
  • Nidec
  • Nidec Servo
  • Piezomotor
  • Precistep
  • SKF



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2009 : 10,000,000 GBP
2010 : 12,000,000 GBP
2011 : 13,000,000 GBP

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