Carbon Technology Ltd

Woodfield House

Woodfield Road, Broadheath

WA14 4ED Altrincham , United Kingdom

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Carbon Technology is a manufacturing specialist in compression moulding of pre-impregnated epoxy/carbon (graphite) and epoxy/glass composites and CNC routing of composites, plastics, MDF and metals. We can take your idea through design, prototyping and produce large or small batches delivered to your door. Our pressing workshop can produce epoxy carbon (graphite) or glass sheet to custom lay ups with special resins. We also have special presses for the manufacture of structural/ridged beams. We have produced many different types of ridged beam for industries as diverse as flexographic printing, film and TV, and lightweight equipment for the repair of conveyor belts. Our CNC routing workshop has cut many different carbon sheet components particularly for manufacturers of radio controlled model helicopters. We also route ridged plastics, MDF and some metals.

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Year Established: 1997

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Registration no : 03416831

Type of company : Headquarters


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