Avanti Gas Ltd

PO Box 1100

S44 5YQ Chesterfield , United Kingdom

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At AvantiGas we are passionate about energy and our customers. We provide LPG for homes and business throughout the UK and pride ourselves in providing a cleaner burning fuel. Through our expertise and advanced technology we at AvantiGas continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your energy needs.
Our LPG bulk tanks provide Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG: propane, butane and mixes of the two). LPG can be produced from both oil and gas and is a very versatile form of energy that is used for a wide array of applications for business purposes and around the home. Just some of the uses of LPG include cooking, heating and outdoor applications such as BBQ's and swimming pools. LPG can also be used in Aerosols, for crop drying, emergency generators, air conditioning, to fuel FLT's, as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets and much more.

General Information

Year Established: 1962

www : http://www.avantigas.com

Registration no : 481121

Type of company : Headquarters



On site
From 100 to 249
Total group


Main activities

Avanti Gas Ltd provides : P = Producer / D = Distributor / S = Service

Secondary activities

P = Producer / D = Distributor / S = Service


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Neil Murphy

Managing Director


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