3 M

Hudson Road
Elm Farm Industrial Estate
MK41 0HR
United Kingdom

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Respiratory protective equipment manufrs
Packaging adhesive tape manufrs
Multiple Manufacturing
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    GB 362 5866 29

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    +44 1234 229499

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  • 3 M. 

    abrasive belt, abrasive paper, adhesive, adjustable key board tray, anti-static tape, back support, bonding tape, carpet cleaning,chemical sorbents, circular polarising filter and cleaner

  • 3 M. 

    computer graphics film, contract range of cleaning and scouring pads, corrosion preventative, damping tape, document holder, electrical connector, electrical tape and executive screen filter

  • 3 M. 

    flooring material, foot rest,graffiti stain removers, griddle cleaning systems, inkjet paper, laminating system, LCD display panel, lubricant, medical tape, monitor stand and multimedia projector

  • 3 M. 

    overhead projector, packaging tape, plain copier film, polishig pad, precise mousing surface, professional screen filter, projection screen, reclosable fasteners, respirator and sanding screens

  • 3 M. 

    self adhesive tape, single coated tape, surgical tape, transparencies, transparency mounting frames, U710 module, wrist rest and write on film

  • 3 M. Matic 

    packaging machinery

  • A.P. 

    test clips

  • Accuglide 

    case sealing equipment taping heads

  • Acsys 

    hip joint implant prostheses

  • Actibel 

    face cleaners

  • Active 


  • Addent 

    dental restorative materials

  • Aflas 

    rubber compound TFE elastomers

  • Air Cel 

    fishing lines

  • Airbird 

    medical ventilators

  • Alchromia 

    ceramic articles

  • Aldara 

    pharmaceutical preparations

  • Alsimag 

    insulating materials

  • Alsipak 

    hermetic sealing compounds

  • Alu Cap 

    antacid capsules

  • Approach 

    photosensitive media, photographic media and film

  • Aquaz 

    facial cleanser

  • Arclan 

    pharmaceutical preparation

  • Ardent 

    dental restorative materials

  • Armorcast 

    reinforced electrical cable

  • Armorlite 

    plastic lenses

  • Aromagic 

    fragrance samplers

  • Aseptex 

    surgical masks

  • Attest 

    biological incubators

  • Autobec 


  • Bird 

    cardiopulmonary therapy

  • Blenderm 

    surgical tape

  • Body Guard 

    protective coating

  • Bondex 

    adhesive tapes

  • Breathe Easy 

    face masks

  • Brittex 

    hand pads

  • Britti 

    soap filled scouring pads

  • Buf-Puf 

    skin care products

  • Bumpon 

    moulded protective shapes

  • Burnil 

    synthetic mica

  • Cal Sup 

    calcium supplement

  • Calcisorb 

    pharmaceutical preparations

  • Canoga 

    vehicle detection system

  • Cavilon 

    skin care material

  • Charge-Guard 

    static control wrist straps

  • Clean'n Strip 

    abrasive impregnated non-woven discs and wheels

  • Clipper 

    masking and packaging tape

  • Coban 

    cohesive extensible medical bandage

  • Command 


  • Comptenz 

    medical and surgical apparatus and instruments

  • Compublend 

    chemical dispensing system

  • Confirm 

    security films

  • Controltac 

    reflective and non-reflective coloured vinyl PSA film

  • Cotran 

    transdermal drug delivery system and parts

  • Crystal Bay 

    emery cloth coated abrasives

  • Cubicut 


  • Cubitron 

    abrasive belts and sheer matter

  • Decorpak 

    decorative ribbons etc

  • Di.Noc 

    sensitized materials for photographic processes and decorative plastic sheet material

  • Diamond Grade 

    reflective sheeting

  • Dooglebug 

    scouring pads and cleaning pad holders

  • Dorran 

    mechanical splice and fibre optic products

  • Drip-Check 

    automotive aluminium sealer

  • Dual Lock 

    reclosable fasteners

  • Duoflex 

    muscle relaxant

  • Duopak 

    adhesive dispensing applicator

  • Durapore 

    surgical adhesive tape

  • Duraprep 


  • Duratrol 


  • Duromine 

    appetite suppressant

  • Durophet 

    appetite suppressant

  • Durotuss 

    cough medicine

  • Dyna-Lock 

    dentistry corrective brackets

  • Dynamar 

    chemical additive

  • Dynatel 

    cable and fault location devices and test equipment

  • Dysular 

    insulating tape

  • E.P.X. 

    adhesive dispenser

  • Easi-Air 


  • Easi-Care 


  • Economist 

    applicator machine for bonding

  • Elek-tro-cut 


  • Enhance 

    carpet type floor matting

  • Ensure 

    plastic sheeting for reflecting

  • Entrap 

    vinyl floor mat

  • Equisport 

    horse bandages

  • Evenrun 

    abrasive spiral wound bands and belts

  • Express 

    impression material

  • Fabri-Lok 

    splice for coated abrasive belts

  • Fabricut 


  • Fairtop 

    surfacing material

  • Fastbond 


  • Fiberprint 

    adhesive tapes

  • Fibrlok 

    fibre optic splice

  • Filair 

    bronchodilator for asthma

  • Filtrete 


  • Filtron 

    surgical masks

  • Finesse-It 

    finishing compounds

  • Firedam 

    sealing compounds

  • First Touch 

    static control computer pads and strips

  • Flair 

    bronchodilator for asthma

  • Flashbacks 

    adhesive coated paper and plastic mounts used with photo's

  • Flip-Frame 

    overhead transparencies and protectors

  • Floorminders 


  • Fluorad 


  • Fluorel 


  • Fluorinert 

    fluorinated organic compounds

  • Foamfit 


  • Frecut 


  • Hand Ease 

    sanding tools

  • Hedlok 

    plastic fasteners

  • Highland 

    repositionable notes and self adhesive tapes

  • Hookit 

    abrasive discs and pads

  • Imperial 

    diamond coated abrasives, lapping films and automotive finishing glazes

  • Indair 

    sterilizer indicator tape

  • Indox 


  • Industria Speed I Codas 

    PSA tape

  • Insta-Lok 

    cleaning pad holders

  • Interam 

    heat expandable ceramic

  • Ioban 

    material with adhesive used as surigical drapes

  • Ion 

    toothbrushes and dental crowns

  • Iso Autohaler 

    asthma and bronchial medicine

  • Jet Melt 

    industrial adhesives

  • Jet-Weld 

    adhesives and applicators

  • Kel F. 


  • Lennox Hill 

    leg braces for orthopaedic purposes

  • Lennox Hill Derotation 

    leg braces for orthopaedic purposes

  • Littmann 


  • Long Mask 

    masking tape

  • M.S.2 

    electrical connectors

  • Magic 

    adhesive tape as item of stationery

  • Magnetherm 

    magnetic double glazing system

  • Medipore 

  • Metafine 

    magnetic recording media

  • Microdon 

    surgical dressings

  • Micropore 

    surgical tape

  • Monitormark 

    tags for perishable products

  • Nasohaler 

    nasal decongestant aerosol

  • Nexcare 

    medical and surgical dressings

  • Nextel 

    ceramic fibres, threads and textiles

  • Nomad 

    non-woven matting material

  • Novec 

    Engineered fluids coating and fire protection fluid

  • Numotac 

    pharmaceutical products

  • O-Cel-O 

    sponges for household purposes

  • Opticlude 

    orthoptic eye patch

  • Opticom 

    remote control traffic lights

  • Ovation 

    dentistry impression materials

  • Paint Buster 

    abrasive grinding discs and hand cleaner

  • Paklon 

    PSA tape

  • Panaflex 

    plastic sheet material

  • Panagraphics 

    plastic sheet material

  • Perfect-It 

    automotive paint polishing foam, glaze and pads

  • Petrifilm 

    culture media

  • Pholtex 

    cough medicine

  • Photo-Mount 

    aerosol adhesive

  • Photodyne 

    fibre optic testing apparatus

  • Polygun 

    adhesive applicator

  • Pop'n Jot 

    desk top dispenser

  • Post-It 

    note pads and tapes, dispensers and noticeboards and adhesive gl ue sticks

  • Prep Team 

    automotive refinishing and reconditioning products

  • Press'n Sand 

    PSA abrasive discs

  • Production 

    aluminium oxide coated abrasives

  • Q.V.A.R. 

    medicines and pharmaceutical preparations

  • Quadrack 

    hot melt glue guns and accessories

  • Quadratag 

    anti-theft devices

  • Red Dot 

    monitoring electrode for heart measurement

  • Regal 

    abrasive discs

  • Resinite 


  • Riker 

    pharmaceutical products

  • Rikospray 

    skin care

  • Rikspray 

    skin care

  • Rocket 

    PSA tape

  • Roloc 

    abrasive discs

  • Safe Send 

    drums and containers

  • Safe Tigue 

    anti-fatigue or anti-slip vinyl floor matting

  • Safety-Walk 

    anti-slip surfacing material

  • Scotch 

    adhesive tapes and stationery

  • Scotch Boy 

    PSA tapes, sound recording tape, adhesive tapes and surgical tapes

  • Scotch Pad 

    label protection tape in pads

  • Scotch-Brite 

    cleaning and finishing materials

  • Scotch-Grip 

    industrial adhesives and solvents

  • Scotch-Lane 

    pavement marking materials and application equipment

  • Scotch-Mesh 

    wood floor refinishing discs

  • Scotch-Release 

    stain repellent

  • Scotch-Seal 


  • Scotch-Weld 

    structural adhesives and adhesive applicators

  • Scotchbond 

    dental adhesive

  • Scotchcal 

    transparent, translucent, opaque, metallic and fluorescent PSA film

  • Scotchcap 

    laminating film

  • Scotchcare 

    treatment of fabrics etc for stain repellency

  • Scotchcast 

    orthopaedic products, electrical insulating resins and electrical connector materials

  • Scotchclad 

    deck coating

  • Scotchcode 

    cable identification wire markers

  • Scotchdamp 

    vibration damping products

  • Scotchfil 

    electrical insulation putty

  • Scotchflex 

    electrical connectors, jointing and terminating tools

  • Scotchfoam 

    single coated foam tools

  • Scotchgard 

    stain repellent and fabric protector

  • Scotchkote 

    liquid and powdered epoxy resins for electrical coatings

  • Scotchlite 

    light reflective materials, printing inks and glass bubbles

  • Scotchlok 

    electrical connectors, terminals and crimping tools

  • Scotchmark 

    electronic marker systems and labelstock material

  • Scotchmate 

    hook and loop fasteners

  • Scotchmount 

    double coated foam PSA tapes

  • Scotchpak 

    polyester film

  • Scotchpar 

    plastic film

  • Scotchply 

    reinforced composites

  • Scotchprime 

    ceramic primer materials

  • Scotchprint 

    graphic system, films, chemicals, software and signs

  • Scotchpro 

    plastic film

  • Scotchrap 

    corrosion protection tape

  • Scotchtab 

    peel-open closures

  • Scotchtint 

    solar control film

  • Scotchtite 

    heat shrink tubing

  • Scotchtrak 

    circuit tracer

  • Silverlux 

    reflectors for fluourescent lights

  • Slic 

    aerial terminal and accessories

  • Sof-Lex 

    finishing and polishing discs and strips

  • Spray-Mount 

    adhesive materials

  • Stain-Release 

    treatment for fabrics and carpets

  • Stamark 

    pavement marking film

  • Steri-Drape 

    surgical drapes

  • Steri-Lok 

    sterile surgical packaging

  • Steri-Strip 

    wound closures

  • Steri-Tractor 

    disposable surgical wound retractor

  • Stikit 

    PSA abrasive discs and hand pad

  • Superbuff 

    buffing pads

  • Sustar 

    plant growth regulator

  • System 

    fishing tackle, fishing lines and fishing reels

  • T.L.A. 

    transmission line assembly

  • Tartan 

    resilient surfacing material, printing plates, repositionable notes and adhesive tape

  • Tattle-Tape 

    surveillance systems and articles

  • Tegaderm 

    transparent film dressings

  • Tegagel 

    medical dressings

  • Tegapore 

    medical dressings

  • Tegasorb 

    medical dressings

  • Temflex 

    vinyl electrical tape and tubing

  • Textool 

    electronic sockets

  • Theodrox 


  • Thinsulate 

    thermal insulation

  • Three-M-Ite 


  • Titralec 

    medicinal compounds

  • Transcend 

    orthodontic brackets

  • Transpore 

    surgical tape

  • Tri-M-Ite 


  • Twist-Lok 

    holder for scouring pads

  • Tycro 


  • Ultrapore 

    artificial orthopaedic implants, parts and fittings

  • Ultrathon 

    first aid supplies

  • Unipak 

    electrical insulating resin

  • Unitek 

  • V.H.B. 

    pressure sensitive adhesive mounting tape

  • Velostat 

    static shielding products and containers

  • Vitrabond 

    dental restorative liner, glass ionomer liner for dental cavities

  • Vitrotrim 

    decorative and protective emblems and mouldings

  • Volition 

    communication networks

  • Weatherban 

    air drying and moisture curing sealants primer and tape

  • Wet Cel 

    fly fishing lines

  • Wet Tip 

    fishing line

  • Wetordry 



  • Lloyds TSB Bank plc



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  • Company

    100-249 Employees


  • Mr Mark Robertson

    Site Manager

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