03 Solutions Ltd

Centre House
79 Chichester St
Co. Antrim
United Kingdom

03 Solutions Ltd  -  - Company Summary

Kitchen and Washroom Hygiene Products and services. Feminine Hygiene - Sanitary Disposal Service. Air Fresheners, Ozone Sterilisers, Purifiers, Germazap, Natural Oil Freshners, Hand Dryers, Driers, XLerator, S/Steel and Automatic Sensor Dispensers, consumables, supplies, hand towels, soap, paper roll, fly killers, fly screens, chain screen, cig arrete smoke detector alarm, smoking shelters, cigare

General Information


  • Cig Arrete 

    Cigarette smoke Alarm

  • XLerator 

    Hand Dryer

  • germazap 

    Air Steriliser - odour and germ control

  • insectazap 

    fly killers, fly screens etc

  • oxizone 

    Air Steriliser - odour and germ control


  • On site

  • Company

    0-9 Employees


  • Mr. R. O'Hare


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